Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer For Scientific Research

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer For Scientific Research
LiCAN 5000 research grade fourier transform infrared spectrometer(FTIR) is widely used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic compounds, inorganic compounds, polymers, etc. It has strong expansion functions and can be connected to diffuse reflection, ATR attenuated total reflection, non-contact external reflection, etc., with excellent performance.
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LiCAN 5000 is a new corner mirror interferometer, resolution 0.4cm-1, research-level fourier infrared spectrometer uses integrated bipolar mirror structure, with real -time online monitoring, optional moisture-proof ZNSE risers, which can meet the qualitative quantitative detection and analysis of various products, support real-time spectrum data preview and collection, online help and multimedia teaching essence.


1. Infrared host: All the chambers of the host are sealed and dry, with a new optical path design, optional moisture-proof ZnSe beam splitter and a new sealing design, so that the instrument can keep the internal environment dry for a long time, reduce the frequency of changing the desiccant, and try to avoid The key core components are affected by the environment;

2. The integrated double-angle mirror structure is used, and aviation-grade frictionless bearings are used to provide excellent instrument stability;

3. The spacious sample compartment can be perfectly matched with the user's infrared transmission cell/ATR accessory/diffuse reflection cell, etc.

4. Automatic spectrum quality inspection, experiment setting, and various performance verifications in accordance with ASTM standards and related methods, including: document operation, confirmation of compatibility between test accessories and hosts, system performance verification, etc., which can display the current status of the system in real time Status, giving the current, voltage, temperature values of main components, indicating the cause of the failure and the solution, and other functional inspections to ensure that the optimal mass spectrum is obtained.

5. Advanced ATR correction software, providing multi-model processing function, accurately correcting the influence of different ATR acquisitions on the peak intensity, displacement and non-polarization of the spectrum, so that the ATR spectrum and the transmission spectrum achieve a best matching degree better than 97% , to achieve high-accuracy retrieval and identification of spectra.

6. External synchronization and external detectors can be used to adapt to more testing requirements;

7. Optional MCT detector can be connected to various high-performance accessories such as microscopes;

8. Intelligent instrument control system, the calculation speed has been increased by 5 times. Support fast scan, continuous monitoring, can be used for reaction kinetics and online fast scan applications

9. Integrated panel scanning control and standardized operation process SOP creation buttons, simplify the user operation interface, standardize and optimize operations, and effectively improve work efficiency

10. Beam splitter: Standard KBr beam splitter.

11. Built-in more than 30,000 standard spectra, preset experimental parameters for selection, support real-time spectral data preview and collection, online help and multimedia teaching.

12. The infrared host and the computer are connected through the "Ethernet" network card without any restrictions. The infrared host is "plug and play" in the network;

13. The computer can remotely control, sample and process data, and share real-time data.

14. The instrument has the function of expanding anti-electromagnetic radiation.



LiCAN   5000


cube-corner   Michelson interferometer, which can adapt to various scenes

Beam   splitter

zinc   selenide moisture-proof beam splitter and moisture-proof window

Infrared   light source

air-cooled   ceramic light source


high-sensitivity   DLATGS detector, or optional liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector

Spectral   range


Spectral   resolution


Wavenumber   accuracy

better   than 0.01cm-1


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